Saturday, August 20, 2011

WABO runs writing workshop in Gaborone, Botswana

"The artist is distinguished from all other responsible actors in society - the politicians, legislators, educators, and scientists - by the fact that he is his own test tube, his own laboratory, working according to very rigorous rules, however understated these may be, and cannot allow any consideration to supersede the responsibility to reveal all that he can possibly discover concerning the mystery of the human being," The creative process, James Baldwin 1962

The Writers Association of Botswana held a short story writing workshop today (Saturday 20, 2011 between 2 and 430pm). Facilitated by short story writer and author of Go tell the sun Wame Molefhe. The focus was on the basics - plot, characterisation etc which although somewhat obvious sounding are not always so easily remembered in the act of penning stories. This workshop provided a rare opportunity for Batswana writers to interact with each other and share and discover their own creative processes. Participants were asked to submit an 800 word or less story prior to attendance and will receive individual feedback from our facilitator in the days following the workshop.

It became glaringly obvious, both from direct requests and general feedback from the participants, that there is a need to hold more workshops or at the least create opportunities for both established and up and coming writers to commune over their work. This workshop had twenty participants and WABO urges all Botswana based writers to attend future workshops and commit to the responsibility of the process of telling their story.

We are grateful to Maru a Pula School for welcoming WABO on to their campus and donating the workshop space.

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